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Dec. 3rd, 2004 @ 04:14 am (no subject)
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Well, this is the first post of what seems to be the first server-specific LJ community for World of Warcraft. Hopefully this Community will bring people who dedicate the time to this currently low population server closer together.

First off, my main character on Suramar is currently a level 14 Undead Warlock, who goes by the name of Eolith. We all love screenshots, and those of my character can be found here (no, the massive Abomination isn't attacking me, he's actually friendly), here (casting a spell in the Undead capital city), here (casting a spell that gives me better defense and life regeneration), here (sitting on a throne), here (leaving the Undead capitol via means of Giant Bat, which is exactly as much fun as it looks), and here (which is a much better screenshot of the Bat riding thing)

Finally, here is a table of the top players (info taken from here:
Rank Character Level Server Race Class Guild
1Eille39SuramarNight ElfRogue 
2Sara37SuramarNight ElfRogue 
3Makawa30SuramarTaurenDruidMaleficus Animus
4Hissa29SuramarOrcShamanMaleficus Animus
5Snowflake29SuramarGnomeMageThe Divine Ascension
6Cybeld27SuramarNight ElfRogueThe Black Paw
7Deadfish26SuramarOrcWarriorMaleficus Animus
10Jordell25SuramarNight ElfHunterChosen Few
11Kaine25SuramarUndeadRogueMaleficus Animus
12Mina25SuramarNight ElfRogueThe Divine Ascension
14Vamr24SuramarNight ElfDruid 
16Arwyn23SuramarNight ElfHunter 
18Ellesar23SuramarNight ElfDruidThe Black Paw
19Kittycat23SuramarNight ElfHunter 
23Thehunter23SuramarNight ElfHunterThe Divine Ascension
24Tinachiang23SuramarNight ElfHunterThe Black Paw

Happy leveling!
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