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This is the mostly offical Livejournal community for the Suramar server in World of Warcraft, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) made by Blizzard. Be you of the Alliance or the Horde, feel free to join the community and discuss the happenings on the server your characters call home.
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Aug. 5th, 2006 @ 04:26 pm hi
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Hey everyone. Was surfing and found this LJ. I am also a member of Suramar - been here exactly one year.

If you wanna hit me up sometime in game, here are my characters:

Squeeb - LvL 60 Undead Mage
Smizzo - LvL 22 Tauren Hunter

I am a 300 Tailor / Enchanter - if you need something, whisper!
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Jun. 20th, 2006 @ 12:36 pm hello
I am just killing time until I can download meh patch.

My mains name is Edrel. Shes a level 60 NE hunter of the guild Sand Storm :D. Also I have an alt I play in spurts named Evilina shes a lvl 48 human warlock.

I've been playing WoW for like a year. I didnt start get into playing a lot until after I reached 60. I was rather slow at leveling -_-.
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Apr. 8th, 2006 @ 11:03 pm Hi!
Hi everybody! I'm new to the community and basically new to WoW as well, only been playin about 2 months.

Anyways, I got 3 characters on Suramar, and i'm basically just here lookin for folks to play/quest/raid with in WoW.

If you're interested, hit me up sometime! :)

My characters are:

Dof - Level 33 Tauren Shaman

Amarac - Level 18 Human Warrior

Bloodernaut - Level 10 Undead Mage

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Mar. 18th, 2006 @ 12:19 am (no subject)
Зона Игр: Обсуждения, Новости, Прохождения
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Mar. 12th, 2006 @ 11:43 am Hello. :)
I have been a part of this community for a while but I figured I'd finally post.

My name is Caitlin. I've been playing WoW since August. I'm so incredibly addicted. I have two level 60's:

Myztika, level 60 undead priest
Zorc, level 60 orc hunter

I also have a couple alts, including a mage who now level 40.

I used to be a member of Unforgiving but then they changed so much so I moved with a bunch of my friends when they created The Blackwatch. We've recently gotten enough core members to do ZG, AQ, and MC. Last Friday, we took down Lucifron and Magmadar with 34 people. We've got some great players.

If anyone ever wants to chat, hit me up in game. I'm always there. :)
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caitlin pink flower
Jul. 30th, 2005 @ 03:13 pm Tauren Representing!
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Hey there, guys and dolls!

Obviously, I play on Suramar and I play World of Warcraft. :) I've been playing since March and have enjoyed the game immensely. If you want to look me up I play Tahira, a Tauren Druid, and Guildmaster of Horde Couriers.

Q: Why the name "Horde Couriers" for a Guild, Tahira?
A: I chose "Horde Couriers" to make fun of the game, really. Because you really do a lot of fetch-and-carry, deliver this here, take that there kind of quests, and you get paid. Just like a courier in real life. :) Think of us as the FedEx guild of Suramar. *haha*

Q: Okay, why "Tahira"?
A: "Tahira" is actually Egyptian, meaning "pristine". Kind of fitting for a druid, don't you think?

Horde Couriers accepts all races/levels/classes and we are generally a low-stress guild. We don't expect you to be on 24/7 and we don't expect you to have an Alienware Area 51 gaming rig just to play with us. We do our best to help our lowbies and we fully believe in the Need before Greed system. For more info visit: http://hordecouriers.resourcez.com We'd love to have you aboard!
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Mar. 22nd, 2005 @ 09:29 pm (no subject)
Hi. I'm Karen. I'm a WoW player. This is the first online game that I've ever played. I never got into the EQ thing, and I didn't like Unreal or any other first person shooter game. I started playing because I know too many people who said, "This is SO much better than EQ, just try it." I just ran out of my 10-day guest pass, and I honestly don't know why I didn't start playing this until now. This game is GREAT.

I have two characters on Suramar: Mirielle, a level 12 night elf druid, and Kerryn, a level 11 human warrior. I'm digging on the druid much more, though. Feel free to say hi. :)
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Feb 2013
Feb. 27th, 2005 @ 02:49 am howdy all :)
just thought id say a quik hello. Im currently a lvl 46 Rogue of the Black Paw. Hit me up my name's "Gabrael". catch yall later...
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Feb. 23rd, 2005 @ 03:30 am (no subject)
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Wow! People have joined! Well two of you (uh oh - this is turning into a letter).
Thats great - I made this the day after I joined the game, and I didn't think anyone would find it after a while. Now that I've been proven wrong maybe this could be a useful hub for getting a lot of players to get to know eachother (despite the fact we're of different factions so far ^_~). Sure there is forums, but the LJ enviroment is quite different to the boards.
Perhaps we could even organise a interfaction guild only raid in Gurubashii Arena ^_^
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Pepper Moth
Dec. 3rd, 2004 @ 04:14 am (no subject)
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Well, this is the first post of what seems to be the first server-specific LJ community for World of Warcraft. Hopefully this Community will bring people who dedicate the time to this currently low population server closer together.

First off, my main character on Suramar is currently a level 14 Undead Warlock, who goes by the name of Eolith. We all love screenshots, and those of my character can be found here (no, the massive Abomination isn't attacking me, he's actually friendly), here (casting a spell in the Undead capital city), here (casting a spell that gives me better defense and life regeneration), here (sitting on a throne), here (leaving the Undead capitol via means of Giant Bat, which is exactly as much fun as it looks), and here (which is a much better screenshot of the Bat riding thing)

Finally, here is a table of the top players (info taken from here:
Rank Character Level Server Race Class Guild
1Eille39SuramarNight ElfRogue 
2Sara37SuramarNight ElfRogue 
3Makawa30SuramarTaurenDruidMaleficus Animus
4Hissa29SuramarOrcShamanMaleficus Animus
5Snowflake29SuramarGnomeMageThe Divine Ascension
6Cybeld27SuramarNight ElfRogueThe Black Paw
7Deadfish26SuramarOrcWarriorMaleficus Animus
10Jordell25SuramarNight ElfHunterChosen Few
11Kaine25SuramarUndeadRogueMaleficus Animus
12Mina25SuramarNight ElfRogueThe Divine Ascension
14Vamr24SuramarNight ElfDruid 
16Arwyn23SuramarNight ElfHunter 
18Ellesar23SuramarNight ElfDruidThe Black Paw
19Kittycat23SuramarNight ElfHunter 
23Thehunter23SuramarNight ElfHunterThe Divine Ascension
24Tinachiang23SuramarNight ElfHunterThe Black Paw

Happy leveling!
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Pepper Moth